KÖSTER ECB Membranes Special Project in Amsterdam: Schoonschip

A construction project called “floating residential area” is located on a side channel of the Ij in Amsterdam Noord. The project will consist of 30 water lots and a total of 46 households. It has already been named the most sustainable floating residential area in Europe and only sustainable materials are used.
An overview:

  • green roofs in combination with KÖSTER ECB membranes
  • heat pumps for heating and the use of passive solar heat.
  • solar panels with an accumulating battery per home
  • high insulation values
  • not connected to the natural gas network
  • gray water (dishwasher and washing machine) and black water (toilet) are separated
  • application of a “starting grid”: mutual exchange of electricity
  • Crops are grown in special greenhouses and floating gardens for consumption by residents

Another aspect, especially relevant to the Netherlands, is the safety of the structures during periods of high water – considering floods or possible future complications in that regard.
The creators are the Dutch architect group Lotus, who are experts in the field of floating constructions in the Netherlands and the involved construction company Van Middendorp stands for building sustainably.
Additional info can be found on the website of the Schoonschip Foundation,


Amsterdam Schoonschip



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