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Finland, Helsinki, Tavi-Talon-Laajennus Building

Tavi-Talon-Laajennus Building, Helsinki, Finland 
Fields of application
External basement waterproofing with bitumen based waterproofing systems
External basement waterproofing of the Tavi-Talon-Laajennus building with KÖSTER Deuxan ® Professional in spray application with the KÖSTER Peristaltic Pump. The building housed a dye shop, a brewery, a malt house and a brick factory in former centuries. Later in the 20th century it was used as a work shop and warehouse, but also served as the educational department for the Metropolia Polytechnic. 
Product applied
KÖSTER Deuxan 2C
KÖSTER Glass Fiber Mesh
KÖSTER Peristaltic Pump
Suomen Rakennetiivistys Oy 



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